Eligibility Criteria

WISE Employment Solutions has helped hundreds of job seekers with disabilities find and keep their jobs. We would love to help you, as well. To join you need the following:


A referral is a document that CLBC sends to let us know that you would like to get a job. They also give us some important initial information about you like contact information, and work or volunteer experience if you have any.

Once you turn 19, you can apply to services with CLBC. Ask about employment when you talk to your facilitator.

It is said that looking for a job is like a job in itself. Finding just the right job requires time and effort. You will meet with us every week to learn about your skills and strengths and goals. You will need motivation to work hard with us to find out that perfect match for you.

Having transit skills helps you come to your appointments at WISE and to go to work. We can also help if you don’t have experience with transit but would love to learn.