Job Seekers FAQs


Yes, if you want to work & find a job we will support you. At WISE we believe that anyone who wants to work has the right to do so. We will support you to get ready for a job and connect you with the right job and employer.

You will be assigned to an Employment Specialist who will work with you very closely. Your Employment specialist will prepare you to get ready to apply for jobs and meet employers. The rest of the WISE team will also be available to help as and when required.

Once you have completed your intake with WISE, you will start attending the learning labs which will help you understand the main aspects of employment and also start the ‘DISCOVERY PROCESS’ where you will discover and identify your work-related values, interests, skills, abilities, and preferences. This would lead to identifying where, when, and how you would like to work.

The length of the discovery process and job search varies with each individual. On average, we aim at completing the discovery process within 4-6 months.

Your Employment specialist will continue to support you after finding the job, you will be supported in the hiring process and also with job coaching. The goal is to sustain employment independently once you and your employer are comfortable with all the elements of the job. WISE will continue to support you in the background.

You will continue to collect your PWD cheque even when you are working. We will provide you with all the latest information regarding your earning exemption and reporting of your income. All necessary guidance will be offered.

We will help with any training required for you to be successful and required in your job. Your Employment Specialist will help you with registering for the training and guide you if funding is required for the training.

Your mode of transportation will be discussed with your Employment Specialist. It will eventually be your responsibility to get to and back from work. Transit training will be offered so that you can transit to and from your place of work in a safe and timely manner.

If you are under 19 years of age and are interested in employment please connect with us and we will inform you of our youth employment projects.

We at WISE will always aim at creating sustainable employment opportunities but if you do happen to lose your job, WISE will evaluate the situation and help you.

We at WISE believe in the strength-based approach and focus on your abilities. If there are accommodations and adjustments to be made at the job and if it is necessary then we would empower and support you regarding the disclosure.