Information to Job seekers:

At WISE Employment Solutions, we work towards securing sustainable employment where the employee is respected and included in all aspects of the work and the work environment.

WISE strives to change the outlook of both job seekers and employers to build an inclusive workplace.

WISE Employment Process

Two types of inquiries:

Internal (SHS) and External (CLBC)

This meeting is organized by the WISE team with the client. Preferably the family and all the support systems will be present.

The objective is to introduce the services.

Introduce the WISE WAY and start the employment process. Discuss expectations from both parties.

Intake information will be gathered and regular weekly meetings will be scheduled.

Discuss Rights, Responsibilities, Employment Standards Act, Employment Best Practices and more.

Assess essential employability skills, while discovering skills, interests, values, work preferences and learning styles.

Create an action plan.

ES will work with the client to establish work themes and establish work readiness by using interactive tools, work experience placement and sessions to identify work connected themes.

Practical skills and key aspects client will need to get into employment and maintain it – resume writing, interviewing skills, professional expectations and more.

Job exploration, resume building, marketing in sync with the outcomes of discovery themes identified.

Job opportunity generated.

ES will assist in the hiring and the training progression, recognizing natural supports and will eventually fade out.

Check in’s with the employer and the client on a regular basis to ensure the continuance of employment and evolvement.